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Grand Sapphire is the most glamorous place in London to enjoy a celebration or a glitzy event. If you are holding a themed event, then decorations play a huge role in the décor. Grand Sapphire has dedicated event champions which look after every aspect of your decorations. We know that every client has its unique decoration ideas hence we have the expertise to bring them to life. From stage decoration to Pakistani Wedding decoration, from Mandap decoration to event decoration, we do it all. Contact us to get a quote on decorations for all kinds of celebrations, parties and corporate events. Scroll down to see the whole range of our decorations.

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Design & decor

One of the most visually pleasing elements of your day, we can organise décor for a traditional mehndi or wedding ceremony or something a little more extravagant! We believe that wedding décor reflects the couple, their families, their preferences and personality traits as well so it must be chosen with the finest details and care. We have great range of expertise, in-house and outsourced to match any expectations , imagination and fascination.


At Grand Sapphire we deliver fully staffed buffets suitable for every occasion. There is a lot to choose from as our buffet catering menu which incorporates Chinese, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Italian and Lebanese cuisines. Whatever your buffet catering style, Grand Sapphire guarantees the highest quality fresh food presented beautifully to your guests.

Grand Sapphire offers exceptional food for your wedding catering which makes your big day, wonderful. We understand that you have trusted us hence we will go extra miles to justify your trust.

DJ & Live Music

Your wedding music is the soundtrack of your wedding ceremony. The music sets a romantic atmosphere and allows guests to celebrate the day with the happy couple. Our partners in the entertainment industry can help create a spectacular music and fulfil all requirements ranging from professional DJ setups to a full entertainment package with mirrored finish dance floors and screens. Go for a more unique style and add something special, choose from a live band, passionate dhol players, bhangra dancers or even a harpist.

Photography & Videography

We know that you put tonnes of effort and passion into planning your wedding day. Creating special memories are an essential part of any wedding day and having the right photographer will make it last. A photograph will tell a story and not just any story; the story of your most special day. We have great range of expertise, in-house and outsourced to match any expectations, imagination and fascination.


A delicious wedding cake design includes elements or art and engineering with a mix of culinary expertise. For a wedding cake to have the best design and taste, the baker needs to have the ability to translate the sense of a couple wedding into an edible work of art for their special day. The cake cutting is an important tradition of one’s wedding day. Let your imagination go wild and we will help you create a delectable experience.


When it comes to designing your wedding, there’s really no “one size fits all” approach. In fact, we think some of the best weddings are the ones packed with personality, creativity, and authentic details that tell a story about the couple. From signature mocktails to custom signage, Grand Sapphire team offers creative ways to personalize your wedding!


If you don’t have a wedding planner or an expert who comes with a resort-wedding package, a hostess and/or host may be extremely helpful in the smooth operation of the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception.

The bride chooses a close friend or relative who is friendly, efficient, organized and has a “can do” attitude.

Complimentary Food tasting

Grand Sapphire organizes food tasting sessions on weekly basis to invite all potential clients to experience the exuberance of our delightful food.

Gastro Catering

We embrace new ways of working such as live and theatrical food, interactive dining and modern and exciting food presentation. The team are continuously innovating to keep up with an ever-changing industry and can regularly be found designing new products in the development kitchen.

External Catering

Though we offer our very own catering service, you are welcome to invite your own external caterers here for your event.


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