6 Things Everyone Always Experiences on the Chaand Raat

You should know that celebrating Chaand Raat flawlessly is similar to making the perfect biryani, not everyone can pull it off. One needs a lot of passion and energy to make it a memorable event. That is why we often see kids quite energetic and excited on this eve and Eid. We bring some things everyone always experiences on the Chaand Raat. Are you ready to be a Chaand Raat person? Read on to relate to all the emotions:

What is Chaand Raat?

Every Muslim as well as non-Muslim waits excitingly for Chaand Raat that falls on the night of last Ramadan. The sighting of the new moon marks the arrival of Shawwal and Eid. It marks the beginning of a real celebration, an extravagant event to unite people and experience unforgettable festivities. People start preparing for Eid a week or two prior to it, but things go pretty crazy in Chaand Raat. Muslims all over the world are filled with joy and enthusiasm on this eve. However, Muslim countries – like Pakistan – have an extraordinary twist to it. For businesses, their operations amplify a huge number on Chaand Raat specifically. You will find roads and buildings dazzling with colourful lights, delicious food at every nook and cranny, last-minute shopping, respecting the night what it deserves.

Let’s talk about the emotions everyone experiences on every Chaand Raat:

1. Anxiously Waiting for the Moon:

Muslims all around the world anxiously sit in front of the TV, holding their breaths to hear about the moon sighting. Some will check the social media every now and then until they find the notification, “Moon has been sighted, it’s Eid tomorrow!” It goes blaring on mosque speakers as well. But, the happiness that this news brings is unexplainable.

2. Ocean of Greetings:

Once the Eid is confirmed, your phone will not stop ringing for one or two hours at least, whereas it often goes till late at night. Your friends and relatives will bombard you with Eid Mubarak texts, calls, social media statuses, and whatnot. Yeah, technology has its pros and cons.

3. The Hurly-burly Bazaars:

Chaand Raat is not only about preparing for Eid celebrations but also commemorating the successful end of the month of Ramadan. Soon after the announcement, people head out to experience the hustle and bustle of markets. People will be strolling aimlessly to get their dress from the tailor, put on Henna, find matching jewellery, etc. It is no less than a challenge to be on the streets on Chaand Raat as the bazaars become a place to experience. The flood of colourful lights, excited crowd, pre-Eid hugs, and everyone uniting together for one purpose – to celebrate together – is an experience to live.

4. The Holy Significance of Henna & Bangles:

Chaand Raat is not a gender-oriented event, but girls celebrate it like they own it. A man might be satisfied with an elegant traditional dress, but a woman will not allow the night to end until they find the fitting bangles and Henna art. It is a last-minute thing, and you can never avoid it. Sorry guys, but you do not understand the essence of it. So, never say no to a woman wanting these things, or you miss out on a happy Eid.

5. Sweeten Up the Night:

You can also call it a sweet night as you will be sharing and receiving lots of sweets from your friends and family. However, it is not as prevalent as in the old days, but it is an utmost part of the festivity. Moreover, you will still find bakeries and confectionery shops crowded with people. So, have that barfi in your mouth and give others the happiness of gulab jamun this Chaand Raat.

6. Sleepless Chaand Raat:

The dawn of Eid sun is an auspicious moment and all about offering the prayer to commence your day. However, the excitement, the end-minute hustle and bustle, and stay-late-till-Suhoor habit prevent all of that altogether. Most of you stay up the entire night waiting for the big day. Grand Sapphire ensures that everyone gets to experience the true happiness of the Chaand Raat and, therefore, organises a mega event every year. The only purpose of Eid is just to be happy and celebrate together. So, we host the Chaand Raat that brings everything you want to a single venue. You will find all types of stalls, namely Mehndi, makeup, bangles, Asian food, at our event. We never charge anyone any sort of entry fee so they can be a part of the utter happiness. However, this is also an opportunity for small businesses to showcase their products and services and get the recognition they deserve. From Qawali to Sufi dance performances, you will find all the happiness under one roof. It is a night to live like anything, and we recreate the homely and traditional atmosphere at Grand Sapphire.

The Bottom Line:

Those living abroad or unaware of the Chaand Raat excitement now understand its true meaning. You experience a plethora of emotions and end up making lots of memories in just one night. You will find everyone literally experiencing these emotions every year. Grand Sapphire welcomes everyone to experience the most lavish Chaand Raat of the UK and Europe. All the Henna and cultural performances await your presence.