Arab Wedding Venue in Croydon, London

Luxurious Settings for Arabic Weddings

Arab wedding is fully a touch of heritage influence and has a strong bond from the past traditions to the latest fashion. Grand Sapphire is the best place where you can get all the options like catering, design and decor, banqueting suites, delicious meals and feasts and many more to brighten your Arab wedding venue under one roof. With the innovations of ideas and latest Arab trend, we fill the colours in your memories with the touch of our elite and prestige catering service.

Pictures of Our Prestigious Venue

Arab Wedding Venue
Arab Wedding Venue in London
Modern Arab Wedding Venue
Popular Arab Wedding Venue
Arabian Wedding Venue
Best Arab Wedding Venue Croydon

Traditional and Modern Arab Wedding Planners

Grand Sapphire is the name of skilled and fully trained Arab Wedding planners. Our aim is to offer you the best event planner and assist you to enjoy excellent wedding catering, wedding decorations, dance floor, and all marriage related activities. Our customised catering service is exceptional and we made your whole day with us unforgettable.
Hotel facilities available
Grand Sapphire provides informal luxury hotel accommodation in London. It is a perfect choice for a weekend break and occupies a beautiful location. Elegant rooms, exceptional service and sumptuous food all at affordable prices.
Grand Sapphire has a world class restaurant serving the most delicious food. Our master chefs are experienced in cooking the very best foods from around the world. You can also freshen up by enjoying drinks from our huge selection.