This is a venue i truly adore, it has so much character, and so much thought has gone into the interior design.
It's beautiful, I mean I have not been to a venue like this, entices your senses literally. Look at the attention to detail, crystals, interior is so well thought about. They got private rooms as well you can make the most of them.
Got everything I Need
I've decided to get married here, because it's just got everything I need. From food to how big it is, the catering and everything!
When you come in here, it's transformed. It's really quite magical, really lovely & unique. It is so different, that is what I like about it.
Massive Place
Main thing is, it's a massive place, That's the best thing to do. Normally in a hotel, you don't get a big place like this.
Really Nice Location to get married
I like the setup and the layout of the whole venue, would recommend someone to get married here. I just like the whole set up and I think it's a really nice location to get married in.
Its Perfect
“Here I am at Grand Sapphire, it is wonderful. I am quite happy to be here and I think anyone who is have a wedding should come to the Grand Sapphire, Its perfect!”
Got My Dream Wedding
It’s been an amazing day, I had an amazing service from Grand Sapphire, I will totally recommend them. It’s been exceptional. I am so happy and I got my dream wedding here. I am so thankful.
Best Place to Be
Grand Sapphire Hotel & Banqueting is the best place to be, I was here, I loved it, it happened, drop down here.
The Best Venue
One of the best venues we have ever been to, and the customer service is special. We actually got extra 30 minutes, you don’t get it anywhere. We blasted all day, It’s lovely lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely! This is the best venue!
Recommended Highly
I must say, staff, the venue, number one!! had a very enjoyable night, thanks to the staff, the wedding venue, great food, recommended highly.
Had a Wonderful Time
Thank you very much Grand Sapphire, we have had a wonderful time. The venue is beautiful, the hotel is beautiful and all of our guests are very very happy. So we thank you for all the work you’ve done all the way to help us, thank you very much!
Lovely Organization
Thank you very much Sapphire Banqueting suite for a lovely organization, much obliged, everything is perfect, thank you, thank you very much.